About us

The REALMIX Beverage Company was founded in Austria in 2010 and specialized in producing uniqe beverages with only natural ingredients.  Like then and now, we take great care that the REALMIX products are always produced according to the highest standards of technology and hygienic design according to the International Foodstuffs.

Today we are distributing REALMIX beverages in over xxx countries around the world and more than ever we are thankful for our customers support and trust in our products.


REALMIX Beverage GmbH

Talpagasse 1a

2232 Deutsch-Wagram


CEO : M. Khannoussi

E-Mail : office@realmix-beverage.com

Website : www.realmix-beverage.com

Firmenbuchgericht : Landesgericht Korneuburg

Firmenbuchnummer : FN 416403 h

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