The one and only REALMIX Premium Energy Drink.
The elegant looking beverage gives you the perfect boost for your work day and the long nights out.
Try it and you will understand why we called it a Premium Energy Drink.

Without a doubt our REALMIX Premium Energy Drink is a superior product. When it was created, our main concern was to develop the perfect taste. You will notice the sweet scent before taking the first sip. The soft but still intense flavour gives you a thirst quenching experience.

The main difference in our components to alternatives on the market is that we absolutely excluded taurine.
To replace it, we incorporated 5 herbs to create a unique note. With a balanced amount of caffeine and the extractions from guarana, green tea, schizandra, damiana and maté we provide our beverage a natural boost which gives you a good amount of energy for demanding tasks and parties until the early morning.

Stay REAL Live Mixed with our REALMIX
Premium Energy Drink