Of course, an energy drink needs caffeine for the desired energetic boost.


is one of the five herbal ingredients besides green tea extract, damiana extract, mate extract, schizandra extract which replace the mostly synthetically taurine.


The one and only REALMIX Premium Energy Drink.The elegant looking beverage gives you the perfect boost for your work day and the long nights out.Try it and you will understand why we called it a Premium Energy Drink.Without a doubt our REALMIX Premium Energy Drink is a superior product. When it was created, our main concern was to develop the perfect taste. You will notice the sweet scent before taking the first sip. The soft but still intense flavour gives you a thirst quenching experience.The main difference in our components to alternatives on the market is that we absolutely excluded taurine.To replace it, we incorporated 5 herbs to create a unique note. With a balanced amount of caffeine and the extractions from guarana, green tea, schizandra, damiana and maté we provide our beverage a natural boost which gives you a good amount of energy for demanding tasks and parties until the early morning.Stay REAL Live Mixed with our REALMIXPremium Energy Drink


is a refreshing fruit that harmonizes perfectly with various beverages.


This drink not only convinces with it's appearance and taste, but also with a high vitamin C content (50% of the daily reference amount).


Whether you want to feel the REAL taste of the cranberry fruit or MIX it to create a special drink for any occasion – the new REALMIX Cranberry Juice will show you what a great fruit juice is. Do you know how a cranberry juice tastes? No you don’t. At least not until you have tried our REALMIX Cranberry Drink. Be prepared to feel the natural sweetness of a widely loved fruit. REALMIX Cranberry Drink is a perfect beverage to accompany you through your whole day. It gives you a fresh start in the morning, a sweet feeling in the afternoon and at night it is amazingly mixable so you can create thousands of delicious tastes for you and your friends. Forget what you think you know about juices – try the new REALMIX Cranberry Drink.


For centuries, lemongrass is appreciated in Asia for it's refreshing and health beneficial effects.


Right down to the dyes we use pure vegetable ingredients


You are looking for a taste you have never experienced? Try our REALMIX Lemongrass Drink and feel the refreshing power that puts you in a perfect summer mood – 365 days in a year. Giving new soft drinks a shot can be quite disappointing, right? This time it won’t be. The REALMIX Lemongrass Drink has a distinctive taste which gives you a refreshment you will appreciate. For centuries people from Asian countries value lemongrass highly because of it’s refreshing taste and health benefits. This is why we based our new beverage upon the sensational lemongrass extract. Mixed with only a few additional ingredients you will experience a taste you will not want to miss anymore. By the way, it is the first lemongrass drink out there – come and see yourself how great new creations can be. Try it, love it, get addicted – the new REALMIX Lemongrass Drink.


The juicy peach with its low sugar and calorie content is healthy and provides refreshment for you and your friends.


Lemons make beautiful? That is one of the many reasons why it is a healthy part of our unique Ice Tea. Among other things, the vitamin C booster also gives you the freshness kick.


The REALMIX iced tea Peach & Lemon is a complete novelty. The harmonious fusion of peach and lemon will inspire every iced tea friend! Due to its low sugar content, it is an ideal refreshment in a modern and deliberate diet. The elegant, fruity design and the outstanding taste are the main features that will make the REALMIX iced tea a future bestseller.


is a very polarizing beverage. Some may not like it, many absolutely love it. You can drink it straight or mix it to get a bitter note into any other drink.


Our REALMIX Bitter Soda is the perfect beverage for you if you are looking for a bitternote in your drink.
You can also drink it straight if you want to experience the perfect bitterness. An advantageof our REALMIX Bitter Soda is that it’s herbs will help you digest a heavy meal easier.Many also feel less bloated when they combine our Bitter Soda with their meal.Try it and see yourself what a great beverage this is – REALMIX Bitter Soda.


Wether still or sparkling our water is extracted from deep mountain reservoirs, thousands of years old.